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A Relationship Built on Trust


Mike Baccala

Many businesses rely on advertising; Alto Mar Construction Group is not one of them.

“All of our work is through referrals,” said President of Alto Mar, Mike Baccala. “We don’t advertise,  all of our business has been repeat business and word of mouth.

The impact of this is two-fold: Not only must Mike’s business impress his clients enough that they return to him for repeat business, but he must also ensure the job is done well enough that it compels his customers to spread the word.

“I deal with many clients. I work with the clients on a personal level,” said Mike. “I’m involved in the everyday aspects as much as possible to make sure the details are not overlooked”
This attention to detail is a key part of why the Alto Mar Construction Group has been so successful:

“We like our clients to know that we go above and beyond for them,” said Mike.
Mike Baccala, goes above and beyond and that means trying to find the unknowns or oversights in projects before they happen and taking accountability for the company’s work.
“’I’m the captain of my ship, so if the ship goes down then I go down with it.”

Alto Mar is a play on the Italian term for “high seas”, and Mike has worked long and hard over the company’s nearly decade-long run to ensure that his ship not only stays afloat, but also finds the buried treasure at the end of the journey; a journey that started with 2 diplomas, the first in Construction Engineering at Mohawk College and the second in Construction & Architectural Engineering at Niagara College.

One of the company’s latest projects, The Turkstra Lumber New Design Centre is a prime example of this buried treasure.

“It is a high-end finishing design centre where architects, designers and clients can view all of their products: the trim styles, the interior doors, locks and handles, as well as exterior doors and windows,” said Mike. “It’s somewhere for Turkstra Lumber clients to physically view some of the more upscale products that are offered. It’s one of the most pristine commercial projects we’ve done; the details were quite involved, and it required a close connection with the client and the design team to bring the vision to reality.”

Pristine commercial projects are given the same quality and care as residential projects. One of the best examples of Alto Mar’s expertise in the commercial sector is The Meat Factory project.

“What I enjoyed most about The Meat Factory project was that it was very technical. The company produces a vast array of cuisine ready-made foods in the industry; their products are sold in grocery stores and served in many restaurants across Canada,” said Mike.  “The new state of the art cuisine center located on the second floor is an area where the corporate chefs prepare food servings for clients to test and continually prepare new recipes to add to their venue.”

Mike explains that both the uniqueness of the job as well as the execution of the project is why he views the Meat Factory project so highly.

“The focus on the main floor of this project was built around a large custom piece of equipment fabricated overseas, this was quite a challenge: We had to ensure that when the crew arrived from overseas for the installation that every detail was perfect as there was no room for error,” said Mike, explaining the intricacies of his craft.  “From the delivery to complete installation it ran very smoothly, it was very gratifying to say the least, not just for me but also for my team.”

It’s all part of having vision and foresight, two key aspects behind Alto Mar’s success as Mike is always on the lookout for new technology that can ensure the best in quality for his customers.  The Social Club Spa in Binbrook  was another fantastic commercial project. It is a women’s only spa and fitness centre that rivals high end spas in the big city. The interiors boast an incredible locker room that seem  more like a custom closet with beautifully finished wood panels plus hardwood flooring throughout and stone and iron details.

Whether it’s through trade-shows or meeting with suppliers periodically, Mike likes to guarantee his customers don’t run into any type of problems.

Not only does Alto Mar specialize in new builds but excels in high end renovations.  Recently, Alto Mar has undergone an extensive residential renovation project in Burlington. It’s not uncommon for original structures to retain their integrity and yet move and build new walls to accommodate extensive renovations all the while maintaining interaction with the homeowner to maintain their comfort levels through the entire process.

Whether the renovation project is $ 10,000 or $ 2 million, all of Alto Mar’s clients are treated with the same respect and integrity. As a sign of his company’s integrity, Mike’s handshake is as good as his signature on contracts.

“I think part of the problem today is that businesses will stand behind a contract on paper as opposed to actually getting out of their office and going into the field, onto the job to make sure things are being done and done correctly. I’m a people person so I like to physically interact with all clients and I like to see their reactions. I also want to make certain they are happy, and if there is a concern about something I deal with it as quickly as possible.”

Alto Mar Construction Group is located in Stoney Creek and serves Hamilton, Niagara, Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas.